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Chambersburg Area Senior High School  Class of 1961
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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Site updated: 7.19.2020  2215
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Hello Classmates!

Hopefully all or most classmates received an e-mail from Jacky about the possibility of restarting our monthly luncheons. We would like your thoughts and feedback. A lot of things has to be considered to do so. As of today ( June 14 ) we are anticipating changes to take place on the 19th that will effect what we may or may not be able to do and how we will be able to resume our times together.

Latest update: As a result of replies Jacky received from the recent e-mail to classmates regarding restarting our monthly luncheons, people recommend we look at our September picnic as our first time to get together. Watch this block for further details.

We will use this block to keep you posted on our progress.
Got something to share with classmates? We will create an open area to post it. Any suggestions as to what you would like to see? E-mail me.
In the subject line put "Website"
Please Note
Effective Immediately

As we get older, age, mature or whatever you wish to call it, we likely will face aches and pains that we never thought about when we were Seniors ( in high school ). We wish to keep class members informed to be able to offer support, prayers, and cards. Our utmost concern is to respect the privacy of everyone. Therefore, only information that is received directly via e-mail or a phone call from individuals will be posted on the website.
Thank you
See " EVENTS " page for recent obituaries.
Our monthly luncheons/breakfast are on hold until conditions are such that we can resume. The website will be updated to keep you informed. 

Hope everyone is coping well with COVID-19. Shoot us an e-mail on unique ways you are coping with the virus. Someone may find your ideas interesting as well as helpful. One thing for sure, this is something we never dreamed of years ago. Although there are many unknown things with COVID-19, one thing for sure is the use of common sense can go a long way in protecting our community, our family and friends, and ourselves. So, let us hear from you. Please enter "COVID-19" in the subject line.