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   1961    55th Reunion    1961
        Greetings classmates! Friday and Saturday mark the culmination of months of planning for our 55th Class Reunion. The festivities began on Friday evening with a good amount enjoying good food and a time of socializing at Dilly's in Chambersburg. Then there was our banquet at the Chambersburg Country Club on Saturday evening. We enjoyed a great meal provided by the country club staff. Thanks to the committee for the great job of decorating the banquet room. Thanks to John B. Hawbaker for offering the invocation and the memorial moment. Also, thanks to Yvonne Gross-Crist for the beautiful flower arrangements that adorned the reception table.
        This reunion would have happened had it not been for the help of our great committee members and a few others who spent a great deal of time helping with the details. Thank you all for what you did.
      As a personal reflection, had anyone told me 55 years ago that I would help to organize this event, my reaction would probably have been " No way. " Having been from a rural area and having spent three years in the Vo-Ag class did not evoke much in the way of socializing. Reunions were never much of an attraction over the years. However, following the cruise in 1991 and learning to know the classmates that were on the cruise, I came to appreciate their friendships. This was the beginning of becoming involved in sustaining our relationships among our classmates. As I reflect on the past 55 years and what all has transpired in the lives of our class and hear your stories, wow, we are blessed. So, allow me to say that, " I am truly humbled and honored to have been privileged to have played a small part in the planning for our 55th Class Reunion.
    Thanks for the opportunity.    Dale Hostetter 
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